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An International Alliance of Circus Artists & Executives.


Showfolks Club Facilites

The Showfolks Of Sarasota Clubhouse consists of 3 casual areas, a large banquet hall and a full service kitchen. The club is located on North Lockwood Ridge road in the Desoto Acres area of beautiful Sarasota, Florida.

When the club was built in the early 1960’s, Desoto Acres was home to many of the greatest Circus Performers of our time. In fact the neighborhood was zoned “Circus” and allowed residents to keep Elephants, Horses and other exotic livestock on their properties. Even as late as the 1980’s, you could find these mini-winterquarters everywhere in Desoto Acres. Residents included the Wallendas, Fornasaris, Concellos, Dubskys, Bertinis and many many more. Today, There are far fewer Circus Performers living in this area. But you will still find the occasional flying trapeze rigging or other Circus equipment on these properties.

Main Bar

The main bar is spacious but intimate are that features a group of padded booths as well as traditional bar seating. The centerpiece of the main bar room is the bar itself. The bar was custom designed for the Showfolks Club and built entirely by volunteering club members.

The Carl Wallenda Cabaret Room

The Karl Wallenda Cabaret Room features seating for up to 100, a dance floor and a small stage for music or other entertainment.

The Ludwig Maschino Room

The Ludwig Maschino Room provides intimate seating in padded booths and 2 pool tables.

The Dolly Copeland Room

The Dolly Copeland/Father Ed Sullivan Room is adorned with murals of classic Circus scenes painted by artist Bill Holm. The room provides ample seating for receptions, awards ceremonies, banquets and meetings. The adjoining kitchen provides full service professional cooking appliances, refrigeration and commercial dish washing station.

One of the many beautiful Bill Holm Murals in the Father Ed Sullivan Room


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